Our Commitments

At The Bangka Serumpun Company, we’re committed to our employees, our customers and our communities. We honor those commitments by balancing our social, economic and environmental responsibilities. We practice sustainability in mining, in metal production and in all that we do.

Bangka Serumpun believes in making tomorrow better than today, and we rely on engagement with our stakeholders and nearby communities to make that happen.

When we connect around common goals, our business runs more successfully, our contributions to the community create lasting benefits, and we find innovative ways to enhance environmental performance. Wherever we operate, we have a responsibility to improve the places where we live and work.

Bangka Serumpun carries on this tradition through:

  • Participating in our communities to strengthen relationships with those connected to our business.
  • Providing support through our natural resources expertise, charitable contributions or the development of local infrastructure.
  • Mitigating the environmental impact of existing operations, and when appropriate, remediating historic properties.


PT. Bangka Serumpun